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 Tytuł: ARK Shadowlands Nascense Tour
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Kronollis: Welcome to ARK Tours!
Kronollis: I am your Tour Guide, Kronollis of ARK and am here today to show you around the Shadowlands, a new and beautiful but dangerous place.
Kronollis: Before we start our tour there are a few important things I must tell you.
Kronollis: There are some fascinating, but extremly dangerous new breeds of creatures out there.
Kronollis: ARK tours cannot be held responsible for any loss of experience caused due to death while on this tour.
Kronollis: However, if you stay close to me and don't wander, I will try to keep you all in one piece.
Kronollis: If you have questions during our tour, please feel free to ask them and I will try to answer as best I can.
Kronollis: Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy the tour.
Kronollis: Let's start!
Kronollis: You can /follow but I personally hate it.
Kronollis: Let me explain this fancy town..
Kronollis: Where we are now is Jobe Research. We're actually in the Shadowlands in the Nascense playfield.
Kronollis: Nascense is the first of seven new playfields.. the rest being Elysium, Sheol, Adonis, Penumbra, Inferno, and Pandemonium.
Kronollis: These playfields are huge! and often encompass many separate zones.
Kronollis: Nascense was designed for the younger player and, in fact, is well suited for players to level from 0 - 50 with ease. There are even creatures near the Brink that go much higher.
Kronollis: Jobe, on the other hand, is a floating city almost in outer space above the planet, Rubi-ka.
Kronollis: It was built by super-powerful, independent Nano-Technicians and Meta-Physicists under the supervision of a ton of Bureaucrats.
Kronollis: This amazing city consists of three islands...
Kronollis: suspended in air and held together by massive forces of Nano-Technology.
Kronollis: The lower island, Jobe Harbor, has shops for and caters to lower level players, 1-50.
Kronollis: The next higher island, Jobe Market, is for intermediate level players and the shops reflect this. Jobe Market is ideal for players, level 50-100.
Kronollis: The highest island is Jobe Plaza, and its shops are inteded for players, level 100 and above.
Kronollis: Now then! Before we enter the dangerous wilds, lets go over one or two rules.
Kronollis: NO Running!
Kronollis: NO Dancing!
Kronollis: NO Crying!
Kronollis: NO Sad Faces!
Kronollis: NO Gum!
Kronollis: NO Feeding the Animals!
Kronollis: NO Breathing!
Kronollis: NO Dying!
Kronollis: Err...
Kronollis: Oh yeah.
Kronollis: NO PIE!
Kronollis: Remember the buddy system! Hold hands with your buddy so no one is lost..
Kronollis: NO Pumpkin Pie Jokes.
Kronollis: NO Smoking!
Kronollis: Anyway..

Kronollis: A long, long time ago, before the timeline of Earth and man as we know it, humanity lived on a planet far, far away.
Kronollis: It was a lush, green and fertile planet, blessed with the energy of the Source; the source of life, of the soul, of man.
Kronollis: It was a Paradise. The people here were called the Xan.
Kronollis: Our ancient ancestors were prone to the same errors we are:
Kronollis: Jealousy and greed, lust for power and control, refusal to accept the idea of death.
Kronollis: They were immensely powerful and, being the children of the Source of Life and its highest creation, they did not feel the sting of death.
Kronollis: Through their extraordinary technology, they ruled the entire galaxy from its center: their home world. From Paradise.
Kronollis: But, in their weakness and greed, some wanted more than they'd been given.
Kronollis: They wanted to control the Source of life itself!
Kronollis: As the exploiting faction began to seize control over life itself,
Kronollis: Their world reacted with unexpected violence: it was literally split in two.
Kronollis: The world of Rubi-Ka, once a paradise, is now in tatters, a mere shell of its former self.
Kronollis: We can only imagine its former glory and despair!
Kronollis: But, recently, a few brilliant scientists took the world by surprise as they managed to open a portal into the other half of the splintered universe.
Kronollis: They found something amazing!. They found a world of power that holds not only half of the history of mankind but also its destiny.
Kronollis: They found the Shadowlands.

Kronollis: Moving on..
Kronollis: So, what are the Shadowlands?
Kronollis: Well, the Shadowlands was the Cradle of Life....
Kronollis: It is made up of areas (playfields) that are accessed through a wormhole.
Kronollis: The Shadowlands actually exist in the same time and space as the planet, Rubi-Ka, but in a different dimension.
Kronollis: These mysterious lands were once a part of the planet.
Kronollis: But, they are now the dark, broken heart, thrown into another dimension by a cataclysm four to five billion years ago.
Kronollis: After the scientists of Jobe forced the Shadowlands portal open,
Kronollis: A super-ancient and desperately lonely sentient machine called Ergo, opened several more entrances.

Kronollis: The original beings of the ancient Rubi-Ka split into two factions.
Kronollis: One wanted to control, harness and extract whatever it could.
Kronollis: The other was content to let live, gather the surplus of the land, sow and reap in a natural way, at the expense of their own power.
Kronollis: These factions are, respectively, the Unredeemed and the Redeemed.
Kronollis: The Shadowlands introduces a faction system through which your actions will be remembered and will make a difference in your life.
Kronollis: In other words, by succeeding in specific quests, your standing may improve with a faction, giving you advantages.
Kronollis: And, it may also reduce your standing with other factions, which could have unpleasant consequences!
Kronollis: Almost everything you do in the game will have meaning.
Kronollis: No longer can you just go around arbitraily killing members of your own side.
Kronollis: Now, if you kill them, you'll lose faction standing and find yourself shut out of various areas.
Kronollis: You can open your faction panel by typing /open faction,
Kronollis: Players have several ways of improving or losing faction standing, killing factioned NPCs is, of course, the most obvious one.
Kronollis: But, not all entities in the Shadowlands are associated with a faction.
Kronollis: Some monsters are just mindless creatures and don't care if another of its kind is killed.
Kronollis: But, to make it easier for people to navigate through the world of factions, you can simply inspect the creatures you meet and see their alignment listed along with their level.
Kronollis: We do this by holding shift, then left clicking on the creature. Alot of information is given in this inspection process.
Kronollis: If you havn't already, please open your faction panel by typing /open faction.
Kronollis: At the top you'll see the faction of the mystical android Ergo and his little helpers, the Yuttos.
Kronollis: This faction is called Guardians of Shadow and is, for many reasons, important for everyone who wants to go far into the Shadowlands.
Kronollis: The next three factions are allied with the Unredeemed.
Kronollis: They are The Followers, The Assertive Operators and The Unredeemed.
Kronollis: The last three are factions allied with the Redeemed.
Kronollis: These are the Devoted, The Benign Conservators, and The Redeemed themselves
Kronollis: The Redeemed side will welcome CLAN players to their ranks, while the Unredeemed look at OMNI sided players as their allies.

Kronollis: Listen up, for those who are interested in keys.
Kronollis: The opposing factions, Redeemed or Unredeemed, construct sanctuaries, called Gardens, for their followers throughout the Shadowlands.
Kronollis: This Statue is for entering The Garden Of Aban.
Kronollis: Thanks!
Kronollis: Aban is the Redeemed Garden for this playfield. The Garden of Thrak is Unredeemed.
Kronollis: Each Garden is dedicated to the creature that built it. The more powerful an entity maintaining a garden is, the more illustrious it becomes.
Kronollis: Some of them can even maintain more than one Garden.
Kronollis: The Gardens are sanctuaries that exist in a bubble of time.
Kronollis: In there, you gain access to equipment, missions and even a special gadget to make travel in the Shadowlands easier.
Kronollis: Here you will also find Operators that specialise in personal cell scanning technology.
Kronollis: So, access to a Garden is very desirable..
Kronollis: They allow you to save... have bank access... get some fairly nifty items from the vendors there... and, speak with quest NPCs
Kronollis: But, more, they make moving from Playfield to Playfield a much faster and easier process, since, once you obtain permanent keys, you can move from garden to garden with relative ease.
Kronollis: Any level can gain access.

Kronollis: Oooft, I am hot!
Kronollis: Look! Convient pond!
Kronollis: Wooo!
Kronollis: Go for it
Kronollis: Just do not get the tour in a hot spot.

Kronollis: Who can tell me about Ergo?
Kronollis: Did you realize that Ergo is not just those silvery balls with eyes you may have seen?
Kronollis: Ergo is almost everywhere in the Shadowlands.
Kronollis: He's actually a sentient "spirit" of a vast net of computers and operation centers.
Kronollis: He controls the all-encompassing web of energy tracts and Notum conductors that tie together the whole of The Shadowlands.
Kronollis: This system was built by the ancient civilization, the people of Xan.
Kronollis: His directive was to manage the flow of Notum energies.
Kronollis: He channels these flows to the points where it is needed, or directs it back into the Notum vortexes for recycling and conservation.
Kronollis: Since Ergo was created by human-like creatures, the Xan,
Kronollis: he views the players he meets as members of the race that he was created to serve and protect.
Kronollis: He sees himself as an assistant or servant of humans.
Kronollis: But, he also sees humans as his creatures and his helpers and, possibly, his saviors.
Kronollis: So, he will give you various tasks that you must complete in order to access the gates to deeper parts of the Shadowlands.

Kronollis: The Redeemed and Unredeemed monsters are very rare in the Shadowlands.
Kronollis: Most of the sided creatures you will meet are simply servants of these powerful beings.
Kronollis: In most cases, there are two of these ancient persons.... One Redeemed and one Unredeemed, for each playfield.
Kronollis: Temples are the only places in the Shadowlands where the actual Redeemed and Unredeemed occasionally manifest themselves.
Kronollis: Each Unredeemed Temple is run by a Prophet conveying the will of his master to his followers
Kronollis: He will also engage those players who identify themselves with his side, in their operations.
Kronollis: Each Redeemed Temple is run by an Ecclesiast who performs similar functions for those who support his master.
Kronollis: You have the chance to help your Temple by gaining control over Notum veins, gathering resources and waging war on the opposing factions.
Kronollis: Dedicated followers will be rewarded with information and equipment.
Kronollis: The truly dedicated will gain access to the Temple Gardens.

Kronollis: If you look closely at the temples and buildings of both the Redeemed and the Unredeemed, you may notice writing on the sides...signatures and such.
Kronollis: Come closer if you cant see the writing.
Kronollis: They can be hard to see
Kronollis: Yet another interesting aspect for lore lovers is that, across many areas of the Shadowlands, an ancient alphabet is used.
Kronollis: The Redeemed and Unredeemed have their own form of writing!
Kronollis: Sure, Shade
Kronollis: There will be clues within the game to help players decipher this language.
Kronollis: There aren't many games with their own alphabet, but here there is even an insignia system....additional depth for those who appreciate it

Kronollis: Inside the Shadowlands the veins of precious Notum are liquid, stretching towards the sky.
Kronollis: You can see this well at the locations called Notum Main Veins
Kronollis: It was a disagreement over the proper way to use the notum that led to the conflict among the first humans.
Kronollis: One side, the Redeeemed, wanted to only harvest the surplus and live in harmony and balance with the universe.
Kronollis: The Unredeemed, though, saw little point in preserving the harmony of the environment and twisted the planet to serve their personal greed and lust for power.
Kronollis: Naturally, this difference escalated into outright war.
Kronollis: On Rubi-Ka, controlling land enables players to mine notum and use it for various things
Kronollis: You can tap the notum from your towers for use in making weapons, armour, and other things.
Kronollis: For example, some new weapons and armor actually REQUIRE this notum to be made.
Kronollis: Also, there will be bonuses for doing certain things with this notum depending on the side of the player in the conflict.
Kronollis: If you are OMNI, you exploit the power and get a huge boost across perhaps two skills.
Kronollis: But if you are Clan, you get a minor bonus across many skills.
Kronollis: As an OMNI, exploiting the land is expected and encouraged.
Kronollis: If Omni exploits the land well, every member of that faction will get a huge bonus added to a few key skills.
Kronollis: On the flip side, if the Clans only take the surplus, hence not exploiting the land, they will get small bonuses across many different areas.
Kronollis: Notum can also be used to create life.

Kronollis: In the Shadowlands, one of the things you may find on the corpse of a monster could be a piece of a blueprint, leftovers from the Master Architect himself, so to speak.
Kronollis: Taking a blueprint of life, which drops randomly from different monsters, to a Notum Main Vein (along with certain other required items) will create a "boss in the pocket".
Kronollis: Basically, this is a private boss that a player can spawn whenever they feel like it.
Kronollis: Of course, upon spawning the boss and creating the life, the player and his/her comrades will destroy the boss for great benefits.
Kronollis: It's a bit like carrying a pocket Tarasque about, and, once all your friends are gathered up, pulling him out and having at him!
Kronollis: These bosses will be just like any other boss... they drop nice loot and give experience and Shadowknowlege.
Kronollis: Interesting idea, huh?
Kronollis: You may spawn a Pocket Boss but please make sure everyone is safe and aware.
Kronollis: Now that is a Pocket Boss, hehe.
Kronollis: The Brink is the edge of all Shadowlands playfields.
Kronollis: It is a barren, torn and twisted area beyond which there is nothing but void.
Kronollis: It's literally the End of the World.
Kronollis: The monsters at the Brink are more dangerous than the creatures roaming the central parts.
Kronollis: They are forever trying to destroy these lands, devouring and tearing .
Kronollis: If you venture far enough, even the newbie playfields may suddenly turn into a nightmare.

Kronollis: Hmm..
Kronollis: As all good things come to an end, so must this tour. I've had a blast and I hope you all did too! I will be happy to answer any questions!

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